In 2005, we established an interior and graphic design firm called Pride Studio ( that has been operating till this day. With the combined profession of interior and graphics of both directors, Patrick and Mike respectively, we soon discovered a new found interest towards design objects and in 2010, we were presented the opportunity to work with Tokyo based product design company, h concept co., ltd as their first retailer and distributor in Malaysia. Hence, the new retail and trading arm, Pride Works was born.

In early 2011, Pride Works opened its first retail outlet in Bangsar called “The Jekyll & Hyde Project” - the name representing the diversity of products that were introduced to Malaysian market for the first time followed by the second outlet in Pavilion, KL.

In early 2012, Pride Works organized a week long exhibition that introduced a new collection of design goods in Pavilion KL and Bangsar Shopping Centre called “SUGO! Design” that was overwhelmed with more than 10,000 visitors. During the exhibition, we hosted a design talk for over 100 students from the prominent design colleges with guest speaker, Mr. Hideyoshi Nagoya- CEO of h concept who spoke about his company’s design process and what truly inspires them to produce good products in line with their philosophy.



01 Mike Saw (left) & Patrick Chin (right)
02 The Jekyll & Hyde Project at Bangsar Shopping Centre (2011).
03 SUGO! Design Exhibition at Tokyo Street, Pavilion KL (2012)
04 Design Talk by Mr. Hideyoshi Nagoya (CEO of h concept, Tokyo).

Pride Works also participated in BIG+BIH 2013, one of Thailand’s biggest gift and houseware trade exhibitions within the region and from then onwards, started our first distribution network within South East Asia, having supplied to retailers and some hotel projects in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia and Hong Kong as well. Gradually, more Japanaese products were added into our company’s inventory list as the network of manufacturers and designers grew. Travelling has always been an essential part of Pride’s growth. Wherever we go, we’re sure to discover new things with regards to design and art, and getting to know people in the industry has been one of the best privileges of being in thie trade.

Meeting the creative minds behind the products and the manufacturers has fuelled us with vast knowledge of why they do what they do and how they do it with pride and passion, It is a complicated process and by getting to understand the rationale shared among one another, we can pass on the story to the people who will use them. Such is our joy...

05 Exhibition booth for h concept products at BIG+BIH 2013, Thailand.
06 Our company with h concept team taken at KONCENT Shop, Tokyo.
07 From left: with Esther Moldovan (Leopold Museum, Vienna), Pierre Romanet (Sentou, Paris), Hanako Matsunaga (MONO JAPAN, Amsterdam), Patrick Chin & Mike Saw (Pride Works, Malaysia) during the Buyer Invitation Program in Kyoto, (2019), organized by JETRO (Japan External Trade Organization).


KONCENT Malaysia
In 2016, with the new initiative to operate under the same store name as Tokyo's KONCENT Shop, The Jekyll & Hyde Project store was relocated and renamed to KONCENT Malaysiaas known today.

Apart from retail, Pride Works has had a few private initiatives that involved promotional activities of local designers & craftsmen, design & lifestyle shop guide book, special exhibitions and workshops with artists from Japan and other collaborative projects.

Design Link Guide Map
Design Link Guide Map was created to expand the reach to people who share similar interest with regards to design, art, craft and culture within Malaysia. This is done by linking them to participating retailers or brands operating in different locations, all listed under one guide map. It is what we'd like to call an effective link as it allows creative lovers to discover the hidden gems the community has to offer.

Design Link Collective
Design Link Collective is a pjysical extension of the Design Link Guide Map. We wanted to create a platform where we can carefully curate designers & artisans and collectively showcase their works to community, not only to sell things but to introduce their individual skills to visitors who may be potential retailers, buyers or even someone who's looking to collaborate on a project.

08 KONCENT Malaysia store facade.
09 Watercolour workshop and art exhibition by Lulu Kounu (Nagoya) at KONCENT Malaysia during her visit in 2017.
10 Design Link Guide Map Vol 2
11 The 6th installation of Design Link Collective, Artist Edition (2018) held in conjunction with UNKNOWN ASIA - Art Exchange Osaka for their 2018 Portfolio Review at KONCENT Malaysia.