"Let's bring in some serious design stuff!"   WHY WE DO WHAT WE DO?

Pride Works Sdn Bhd was formed in 2010 based on a simple want - "Let's bring in some serious design stuff and spice up the local market!". At that time, we thought the market was feeling rather 'safe' in terms of variety where most things in the market were just plain cost effective and feasible for the retail scene, especially under the small objects category.

Having stumbled upon some design products from Japan back then and after looking through the brand's vast inventory, we felt excited and immediately got ourselves into the trade. We knew, as designers ourselves, if it moved us, it should also move others.    
Before   So in 2011, we opened our first shop called "The Jekyll & Hyde Project" in Bangsar Shopping Centre, KL followed by Tokyo Street @ Pavilion KL.They were small shops but filled with wonderful designs nonetheless. This business opened up doors to meeting different people from different industries and soon after, the distribution of the products under our company covered the whole of South East Asia.
Now   In 2016, we made a bold move to move out from Bangsar and opened up a store right below our office in Petaling Jaya called "KONCENT Malaysia". KONCENT is a brand of product design shops from Tokyo by our business partner, h concept Japan. With a bigger space, we're able to hold various design, arts and craft related activities where creative people and enthusiast can gather and inspire one another to do something great and meaningful!
    Now all that's left to do is to keep things going, reach out to higher horizons,
promote and nurture creativity in the community.