Ceramic Japan was founded in 1973 in the historic ceramics region (commonly called Seto-mono or Yaki-mono) Seto City, Aichi Prefecture. From the beginning, under an uncompromising design policy, they have produced many products due to collaborations between talented designers and the traditional craftsmanship of which Seto City is proud of. Their products, combined with distinct technique and contemporary design, have both practicality and high artistic quality.

Ceramic Japan has received various design awards and are highly appraised at home and abroad namely, MoMA's selection of their products as part of the museum's permanent collection. From their base in Seto, Ceramic Japan will continue to provide the world unique products.


Awards list:
(Since 1973) Received multiple good design awards by Ministry of International Trade and Industry for 24 products.
(1977) 5th Kunii Kitaro Award.
(1981) Grand Prize in the Spain Ceramic & Glass Show.
(1983) MoMA New York, Permanent Collection.
(1986) Prime Minister Award at the 1st International Ceramics Festival, Mino.
(2011) Silver Award at the 9th International Ceramics Festival, Mino.
(2015) Red Dot Award.

Collaborative designers: Nendo, Kato Tatsumi, Komatsu Makoto, Fuji Noriyuki, Katsuhiko Ogino, Akita Machio, Tomooka Hideaki, Tonerico:Inc., Yamamoto Masato, COBO Design Co., Ltd., Tokuda Yuko, Yamada Kaichiro, Nakazawa Ikuko.



moonlight • cup, saucer and creamer
herb • teapot container
constellation cup

duetto • cup and saucer

mammals • vase
ducks • cup

leaf and branch • chopstick rest

crinkle • vase
neo+ • vase

harvest • canister

cell • plate
harmony • tumbler


You-ki • sake cup and pitcher
Cha-Pot • tea pot
Infinity • bowl

moderato • cup, saucer and creamer

TK dobin • teapot and cup
monte & mare • oval and round plate

sou sou • plates and teapot

chat • plate
moderato • plate and bowl

snowman • toothpick holder

dress-up • vase


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