Enjoy both cooking and eating. The concept connects 'EATing to COOKing'. Our goal is to create utensils that ensure uninterrupted enjoyment and ease from the kitchen to the dining table. This notion inspired the creation of the 'EAtoCO' series.

Yoshikawa's history goes back to the early 1900s when it started to produce 'kiseru' smoking pipes. Over the years it has grown into a well-established group specialized in metal business with a focus on stainless steel, encompassing material production, processing and manufacture of finished products. Also as a pioneering manufacturer/exporter of kitchenware in Japan, it has ushered in to the development of local industry.

Yoshikawa Group continues to offer support for better, more prosperous life by answering the needs of the age, never compromising on materials, ease-of-use and functionality and always reflecting on the basics and user-friendliness of kitchen tools as they facilitate the culinary culture - an indispensable part of our lives.


Notable mentions:

(2004) Received Good Design Award & Long Life Design Award.
(2009) ISO 14001:2004 certification.
(2011) Best Green Style Award at Interior Lifestyle China 2011.
(2014) Niigata Governer's Prize - Japan Tsubame Industrial Design Contest.
(2017) Kanto Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry Prize at the Japan Tsubame Industrial Design Contest.
(2018) Special Jury Prize at the Japan Tsubame Industrial Design Contest.
(2018) Award of Excellence at the Best Contributors to Product Safety Awards.



Nami silicone mat
Oros S grater
Oros grater

Hasam tongs

Suqu serving spoon
Saibashi tongs

Oki ladle stand

Butter Case Container
Tsukam tongs

Oros Handy Grater

Oros L grater
Tate tool container


Mazelu whisk
Ita Long cutting board
Ita cutting board

Ita Short cutting board

Nulu butter knife
Tolu spatula

Motsu gloves



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