Founded in 1949, Iwatani Materials Co., Ltd., have been dealing with various industrial materials such as synthetic resins and metals. Since their foundation, they have developed and sold a wide range of products ranging from household items to industrial and agricultural applications.

Iwatani Group's philosophy is that only what is needed in the world can flourish and based on that philosophy, they have created various products with the intention of flexibly grasping the values that the times

  times require. Everything we use reflect our personal taste in terms of convenience, beauty and cost. What products have satisfied us? Have they all met our needs? Or have we had to make compromises? We all hope to find perfect products to suit our particular requirements.

In response to this, Iwatani Materials introduced their design project, I’mD, a brand devoted to creating functional household goods that will both amaze and touch hearts.

BEW Series >

BEW Kitchen Mat L
BEW Kitchen Mat M
BEW Kitchen Mat S

BEW Kitchen Tray

BEW Table Rack
BEW Bottle Rack
  KCUD Series >  

KCUD Kitchen Garbage Drainer

KCUD Round Lock

KCUD Slim Trashcan

KCUD Square
KCUD Stack Box
  Retto Series >  
Retto Bath High Chair & Pail
Retto Bucket Stool
Retto Comfort Chair

Retto Dispenser L

Retto Toiletries
Retto Toiletries
  ENOTS Series >  
ENOTS Minimal Chair
ENOTS Side Table
ENOTS Minimal Chair (White)


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