In 1954, the founding chairman studied in a college of arts in Chicago, USA and had a part time job as a chef. He was struggling with a heavy, blunt, and rather dangerously pointed knife given to him and at times, he was almost injured by its unfriendly form. One day, the knife fell and broke its tip. It looked unsightly so he repaired it with a whetstone and the knife tip became rounded. The knife immediately became more user friendly and his job progressed very well. After he returned to Japan in 1958, his recollection of the round tipped knife pushed him to design safer, sharper, lighter and friendlier knives which resulted in the establishment of MAC Corporation.

With more than 2 registered patents and designs, today, over 30 million knives have been sold worldwide.

The trademark ‘MAC’ came from the first three letters of the word, MACROCOSM which means Big Universe. The chairman had chosen this word from his ambition and wanted MAC knives to be used all around the world.

  Tatsuo Kobayashi (Chairman) &
Katsuto Kobayashi (President)



Albert Firpo & Ferran Cirera. (Bambarol, Spain)

Other notable chefs who use MAC knives: Thomas Rode Anderson (Denmark), Aiko Tanaka (Japan), Jamie Oliver (UK), Quique Dacosta (Spain), Dak Laddaporn (Denmark), Daniel Boulud (U.S.A) & more...

The Straight-cutting "MAC Edge"
The characteristic of the MAC Edge is a hybrid type between the traditional Japanese single beveled chisel edge - Single Blade (KATABA) and the Western 'V' shaped edge - Double Edge (RYOBA). But slightly off-center, with an angle around 45.5 degrees. This edge is extremely versatile with the ultimate combination of sharpness and control, allowing both thin slicing and straight cuts.

Professional Series >

  Razor sharp thin blade. Light but with a great balance. Fits comfortably in your hands.  
MJU-65 Japanese Vegetable Knife
Blade length: 170mm
MSB-105 Bread Knife
Blade length: 270mm
MSK-65 Santoku Knife
Blade length: 170mm
MBK-85 Chef Knife
Blade length: 220mm
PKF-30 Paring Knife
Blade length: 80mm
MCK-105-D Slicer
Blade length: 270mm

Original Series >

  Thin blade with a razor sharp edge. Hip up handle makes you easier to cut with less strength. Round tip comes from the safety but has the edge on it. Why do you need a tip like a sword or a spear? Very light weight.  

AB-50 Utility Knife
Blade Length: 140mm

MK-40 Cheese Knife
Blade length: 100mm
AC-55 Utility Knife
Blade length: 150mm
CP Paring Knife
Blade length: 105mm
AB-80 Utility Knife
Blade length: 195mm
AB-60 Utility Knife
Blade length: 170mm

Chef Series >

  Razor sharp thin blade. High cost performance series. Recommended series for the professional to the home kitchen usage.  

FC-90 Frozen Knife
Blade length: 220mm

HB-55 Paring Knife
Blade length: 135mm
HB-70 Chef Knife
Blade length: 180mm
BS-90 Bread Knife
Blade length: 220mm
SL-115 Slicer
Blade length: 290mm
BNS-80 Fishing / Fillet
Blade length: 160mm

Superior Series >

  Beautiful pattern on the blade. Has a larger handle for more better grip. Sharp edge and stays sharp longer.  

SA-70 Utility Knife
Blade length: 185mm

SB-105 Bread Knife
Blade length: 270mm
SK-40 Bread Knife
Blade length: 100mm

Japanese Series >

  By using the blade material of high carbon stainless steel, makes you much easier to take care comparing with the traditional japanese knives (using HAGANE). Laminated plywood handle fits in your hands comfortably. Has razor sharp edge.  

FKW-9 Sashimi Knife
Blade length: 270mm

CL-40 Japanese Deba
Blade length: 110mm
JU-65 Japanese Vegetable Knife
Blade length: 165mm


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