A small island that floats in the calm of the blue ocean.
It is a coaster of your own private island.
Spend your tea of coffee break with the animals.
Available in a choice of sheep, dog, pig or cat. You can put the animal and cup together on the coaster.

Recommended base size of cup is around 7 cm (diameter).
As the animal figurine is small, please be careful not to accidentally consume it!

  Shibaful is inspired by the touch of real lawn or turf, such as that of the Yoyogi Park, filled with greenery. They started with the iPhone case that uses electrostatic implant technology for the flocking that enables them to produce a material that is delicate, soft and colorful, like the beautiful turfs of Japan. Enjoy the various items of Shibaful!

When dust is caught on Shibaful products, remove the dust with a soft brush or gently rubbing with the finger to roll up the dust is also recommended


Island Coaster (Dog)
Island Coaster (Sheep)
Island Coaster (Pig)
Island Coaster (Cat)


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