'soil' is a range of products made from diatomaceous earth using plastering techniques by Isurugi co ltd., in Kanazawa, which let us directly benefit from the natural breathing material that excels at moisture retention and absorption. Traditionally, Isurugi specialized in sakan plastering; a wall finishing most commonly used during the Edo Period using the same material. Their projects included reconstruction and restoration of various national treasures like the Zuiryuuji Temple in Takaoka City, Osaka Castle's castle tower, Kanazawa Castle and offering exquisite techniques to modern construction plans at Universal Studios Japan, Osaka Dome and Kyoto Station Building.

  It was in 2004 when an art division was created, expanding the activities of the company into the design field for the first time, leading to the birth of the brand 'soil'. With that, they have successfully condensed and packed the natural blessing of diatomaceous earth into various design articles which are gentle enough for sensitive skin, functional and highly recyclable.

'soil' will help shape a better future in eco-friendly and people-friendly ways.


Amenity Tray
Aroma Pot
Bath Mat


Cocha Saji

Dispenser Tray

Drying Block
Drying Board

Drying Egg

Drying Object
Food Container


Incense Case
Planter Cover
Pot Stand

Powder Room Container

Salt & Pepper Dispenser
Soap Dish

Toothbrush Stand

Mosquito Coil
Umbrella Stand


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