T. NISHIKAWA & Co., Inc. is located in the Gojozaka quarter, famous for its many kilns and ateliers of Kiyomizu Ware, in Kyoto, Japan. Since its establishment in 1917, the company has been promoting Kiyomizu Ware and exporting worldwide. Teizaburo Nishikawa, founder of the company, introduced Kiyomizu Ware at the Brussels World Fair in 1958, followed by his son, Keitaro Nishikawa.

Today, Kayoko, Keitaro’s daughter, has inherited the business and continues promoting the charm of the Japanese culture and Kiyomizu Ware, the representative brand of Kyoto, all over the world. Five years ago, they launched three original brands (KAYORI: Finding delight in brilliance, KUMO: A celebration of skill and tradition, and MITATE: The experience of landscape), a first in the Kyoto ware/Kiyomizu ware industry.

With over 100 years of history, T. NISHIKAWA & Co., Inc. is committed to doing its utmost to promote Kiyomizu Ware and Japanese traditions. They also offer the service of developing original designs and export a variety of Japanese traditional goods: Kiyomizu Ware, tea ceremony utensils, cast iron commodities, Japanese kimono, lacquer ware, Buddhist items, antique ware and general gift items.

  Kayako Nishikawa,
Current President of
T. Nishikawa.


Cast Iron Teapot - Plum
Cast Iron Teapot - Crane
Cast Iron Teapot - Aoyu
Matcha Bowl - Raku (Red)
Matcha Bowl - Nanban Mishimazume
Sakecup - Tetsue Kikkamon
Hobin Teapot - Kurokinsai
Cast Iron Teapot - Yohen
Teapot - Gotake w/ rattan handle



Sakecup - Kinsai Nejirikomoni

Sakecup - Fuchi Hanakomon
Sakecup - Sometsuke Shippo
Cast Iron Teapot - Fuchi Hanakomon
Teapot Sometsuke - Camellia
Cast Iron Teapot - Cherry Flower (Gold)

Matcha Bowl - Sometsuke Cherry Flower

Rice Bowl - Sometsuke Cherry Flower
Kumidashi Teacup - Cherry Flower (Gold)



Teapot - Gosai Hanamai (Red)

Teapot - Shisoka M
Hakuji Shippo Komon Arare - Gold

Cast Iron Teapot - 5 Happiness

Teapot - Sai Akae
Teapot - Chakusai Shiki Flower

Chopstick Rest - Setsugekka (Blue)

Free Cup - Camellia (Red)
Teapot - Hohin Yusai Mishimazume Karakusa (Pink)


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