What We Do
in a nutshell:

Design is inevitable. Everything from what we wear, use, decorate with, where and how we work or eat, involves some form of design. Each year, new designs sprout all over the world; some taking the old and renewing them into something more exquisite than before. The world demands new things, hence manufacturers of such daily use products are unceasingly coming up with new ideas through collaborations with industrial designers alike.

Original or house designs as we call them, require lots of effort and time to develop. the amount of work put in to prouduce a good finished item is rather admirable yet, most consumers are unaware of it. In order to ensure the sustainability of theor craft, we as curators or buyers can play our role by supporting their trade, admist all the "mass productions" that are actually putting some of these enterprises at risk.

The hospitality industry is becoming increasingly competitive. Everyone tries to stay ahead or be unique in every design aspect; from architecture, interior design, graphic design, d├ęcor, functional objects etc. - all these pieced together to form a distinct and memorable brand experience that seperates one business from another.

A fine example - an interior decorated cushions handmade by a company that has been making them for over a hundred years can only demonstrate the richness of culture, quality and elegance, hence fostering image, comfort and value of the brand.

This is where we come in.

Amongst all the good products in the world, we hand picked some of the good ones for you. Given the many challenges in importing things from abroad such as language barrier, handling logistics, not to mention clearing customs; we can do all that. If there's something that you need but don't know where to begin looking, we'll be your bridge.

That is out dedication and pride to your business.

01 The making of utensils by Yamazaki Tableware (Niigata).
02 Ojami cushions by Takaokaya (Kyoto).
03 Planning process of bamboo furniture making by Teori (Okayama).
04 TAPERED stools by Takumi Kohgei (Hokkaido).






We support other businesses with the products that we have curated too. We can also source for specific items using our network of agents and suppliers from Malaysia, Japan and world wide. Whether you're looking to open up a retail store (B2C), supplying to a hotel or restaurant (B2B), or looking for a premium corporate gift, drop us an email at info@prideworks.com.my and we'll do our best to get what you need ;)


KONCENT Malaysia is a design product shop from Tokyo, started by h concept co., ltd, Japan. It is the 2nd outlet outside of Japan right after Melbourne and not long before Taipei in 2016. KONCENT has always been a dream of Hideyoshi Nagoya, CEO of h concept where good designed products are harboured in one place like a haven of design. It is his strong belief that design can in fact empower and connect people which is what KONCENT actually means.

For more information of KONCENT Malaysia,
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Design Link is many things. It started off as a small directory map for independent creative shops in the Klang Valley in 2015 with only 15 listings. In 2016, we extended the scope to a full-on creative market held in KONCENT Malaysia called Design Link Collective - a quarterly event featuring products by selected designers & artisans. You could say that Design Link is a design community for the community.

Click here for more information:www.prideworks.com.my/designlinkmy


I AM what? or what I AM? I AM was a name we used for a quirky T-Shirt design that we produced in 2010 called I-AM-T. That name kind of stuck to us all this while and it's easy to tag it onto any product as well. So everything that we design or make is now I-AM-this or I-AM-that. Simple Isn't it? It's self expressive and that is what this brand is about.

Check out our humble range of I AM series right here: www.koncent.com.my/iam